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As Canadian as it gets! We cater to all experience & fitness levels and can customize your trip to you. Our fully guided packages include, half day, full day and overnight offerings.


All trips include transportation, snacks, hot beverages, & equipment. We use only the best gear including thermal ice shelters with heaters to keep you toasty warm!



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Rainbow & Brook Trout


Prince George has fantastic rainbow trout fisheries with fish reaching trophy sizes and the meat quality is excellent in the winter season. These fisheries are great for everyone. We highly recommend taking advantage of these fisheries early in the season when fishing is at its best!

BEST TIME: Dec - January


RATES: $500 Full Day $300 Half Day - Upto 4 People




Kokanee are actually a landlocked sockeye salmon. Although they don't get as big they have the same amazing taste! and vibrant bright read flesh, a personal dinner time favourite! These stocked fisheries are great for families and make for amazing food fisheries! 

BEST TIME: Dec - February

RATES: $500 Full Day $300 Half Day - Upto 4 People


Lake Trout (Char)


Lake trout are veracious apex predators during the winter months hunting prey all thought out the water column. Lake Trout can exceed 20lb's in size and offer a thrill of a life time. There is wrong time of year to go however the larger lakes do not freeze up safely until mid Jan/Feb most seasons.


For those looking for the Big One! We recommend a rare and exclusive overnight trip with one of our cabin accommodation providers north of Prince George for a world class Trophy Lake Trout experience

BEST TIME: January - March

RATES: Please Inquire



Burbot are one of the most beautiful, interesting, and delicious freshwater-fish in Canadian waters. They can exceed 15lbs! in size and can be caught in the daylight and after dark and offer equal opportunity year round! A highly recommend an introduction into this fishery with the help of our professional guides.

BEST TIME: Dec-March

RATES: Please Inquire