We can appreciate that any booking policy can cause anxiety and this is totally normal. Your probably wondering if I need to cancel will I get my money back? We completely understand, and we have been in your shoes too, thus we have worked diligently in crafting a policy that is mindful of your perspective as a customer, ourselves as a business and most importantly Covid-19 and ensuring it is safe and appropriate for your trip to move forward. We kindly ask that you please read the policy below carefully before proceeding with booking and payments.

A 50% deposit is required to confirm your reservation and hold your spot. Final payment is due 60 days before your confirmed trip date. If you are booking a trip within 60 days than no deposit is required and payment is required upfront in full. We accept E-transfer, cash and major credit cards. E-transfers can be made to If you would like to pay by credit card let us know and we will send you instructions with how to proceed.


We highly recommend booking as early as possible. We get bookings 12 months in advance and normally fill our best spring/summer/fall times 3 months prior to. We do occasionaly have last minute openings so don't hesitate to reach out last minute and we will always do our best to accommodate.

In any event Reel North Adventures needs to cancel the trip for any reason or to comply with Covid Provincial Health Orders (POH) your deposit and/or any final payments are 100% refundable. In the event we need to significantly alter your trip you will be given the opportunity to cancel and will be fully refunded if the modifications are not to your liking. If the direction from the PHO is that the trips can occur and you decide to cancel your trip, any deposit or final payments you have made are not refundable. We understand life happens and for these reasons we highly recommend third party trip cancellation insurance.

Our non refundable policy is because our guiding season is short and may only consist of a a few dozen trips per season. It is very difficult for us to fill spots last minute. In addition, a significant amount of time and resources goes into planning, this includes creating a game plan that matches our guests fishing and trip preferences, visiting the fishing destination in advance to check conditions, arranging assistant angling guides to help with the trip, preparing equipment, and coordinating with guests and host accommodation providers. We appreciate your understanding. 

Protection against Covid and our guest safety is our #1 Priority. We will regularly monitor provincial updates and changes to PHO's. We ask that our guests also do their part to comply with BC PHO's. The most accurate, up-to-date info on current PHO's and recommendations can be found on the Government of BC’s website. Due to Covid-19 our booking policy may change and require updating to match current PHO directions.

Clear as mud? lets look at some examples ...

  • Your 4 months out from your planned trip date and at the time of booking Covid restrictions would prevent the trip from happening but you are hoping that things get better and the restrictions are lifted by the time the trip comes around so you proceed with a deposit, No problem. Your now 60 days out and the restrictions have not changed but your still hoping things improve so you move forward with final payment. 10 days before the trip the Covid situation has improved! and the trip is in-compliance with PHO direction. The trip occurs and it was amazing and you had the time of your life! (lol).

  • Lets say in the scenario above that 5 days before the trip the Covid situation did not improve and we cancelled the trip to comply with the PHO. In this instance you would be 100% refunded. But lets say that 5 days before the trip the PHO direction would allow the trip to continue but Covid numbers have you feeling uncomfortable with proceeding and you choose to cancel, your trip would not be refundable. 

  • My trip is 8 days away and I have paid in full and I contracted Covid-19 or have been in contact with someone with Covid and experienced a minor symptom and I am required to self isolate for 10-14 days and would not be able or allowed to come as directed by my health care professional. Although we hate even mentioning this a scenario it's possible this may happen but unfortunately your trip would not be refundable. This is another reason why we highly suggest third party trip cancellation insurance.

These examples are not intended to scare you but rather provide clarity and transparency so you can move forward in booking with confidence. 

Once your trip details and deposit is confirmed please complete the registration form below and email back to This information is very helpful for us to plan your trip. We also require our guest read and sign the attached liability waiver, we can provide a copy of this to read and sign when we meet at the start of your trip.


Please feel free to call us anytime and we will answer any questions you may have.


Kind regards,


Jerry Daoust, Owner & Head Guide

Reel North Adventures

Client Registration Form

Client Registration Form

Release of Liability Waiver