Come walk and wade some of BC's most productive, remote and unexplored rivers

How we fish

We are very proficient in all styles of fishing. Your guide will help suggest a method to match the targeted fish species and your abilities. We are here to instruct & guide you at your preference, and can be as hands-on, or hands-off, as you like.

Rivers: We predominately walk and wade rivers or drift rivers in pontoon watercraft. We do not use jet boats as most of the waters we fish are most accessible on foot allowing for a more secluded personal experience. We also believe in providing salmon and steelhead a place of sanctuary free from boats.

Lakes: We fish lakes from belly boats, pontoon, and aluminum power boats. The type and size of watercraft used depends on the lake, species , and group size.

Don't have your own gear? no sweat, borrow ours at no extra cost

Fly rods

Single Handed, Spey & Switch Rods

Red 7000 Abu Garcia Ambassadeur

Level Wind Reels & Baitcasters

Center Pin Fishing on the River

Centerpin Float Fishing

Spin Cast Rod and Reel Combo

Spin Casting

Low Profile Bait Cast combo

Low Profile Bait Casters

Puppy napping while fishing


What we fish for

Learn about the species we fish, when & where

Fish Calendar

Learn about the seasons & peak times to target each species 

Why we fish

Get to know us and  what we value. 

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