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Prime Time: Aug-Nov & Mid March-Early May 

Where: Skeena, Nass, and Kitimat Rivers & their tributaries, and others 

One of the most prized sport fish, the mighty Steelhead, is known for its spatular acrobatics and hard fighting. Ranging from 8-35lbs, with 15-20lbs being the average in many rivers. These fish are often found in faster runs but also in deep slower pockets of river. At times, these fish can be very aggressive and take to the fly very well. All methods of fishing can be effective if fished correctly for the water conditions.


Chinook Salmon

Prime time: Late June to Late August

Where: Skeena, Nass, and Kitimat Rivers & their tributaries, and others 

Chinook Salmon are the largest of the pacific Salmon species reaching up to 90+lbs in size; however, 20-45lb is the norm in the local rivers. All methods and techniques are effective when targeting these beautiful monsters. In particular, drift fishing using a float is a very fun and productive technique in the smaller rivers. Get ready to have your adversity tested, as these fish are extremely powerful!


Coho Salmon

Prime time: Late August to Late October

Where: Skeena, Nass, and Kitimat Rivers & their tributaries, and others 

Coho can exceed 25lbs in size and average between 10-15lbs. Our local rivers are known for very large coho, sometimes referred to as Northern Coho. They are aggressive, acrobatic, and a culinary treasure! Coho are targeted best on lighter gear and fly rods. Twitching jigs is extremely exciting, productive, and fun way to catch these fish. Our guides will teach you this new and evolving technique should you be interested. 

Wild fresh caught salmon fish from Alask

Sockeye Salmon

Prime time: July to August

Where: Skeena, Nass, and Kitimat Rivers & their tributaries, and others 

Sockeye range between 5-15lbs, and are known worldwide to be one of the best tasting fish due to the flavor and color of the flesh. Fly, spey, and swithrod techniques are extremely effective in targeting these fish. Our guide know some truly breaking place you can enjoy all to your selves. 

Chum Salmon

Chum Salmon

Prime time: Mid July to Late August

Where: Skeena, Nass, and Kitimat Rivers & their tributaries, and others 

Chum, are the second largest Pacific Salmon, ranging between 15-35lbs in size. Chum are a powerful and hard fishing fish with extremely unique and beautiful colouration of greens and purples once it enters the river system. A true pleasure to have the opportunity to fish for. Fly fishing, casting, drift fishing, and jigs are all very productive techniques when targeting Chum.

Pink salmon, freshly caught female

Pink Salmon

Prime time: Mid July to September

Where: Skeena, Nass, and Kitimat Rivers & their tributaries, and others 

Pinks range between 7-15lbs in size and provide an excellent introductory fishery to children and beginners due to their large run sizes, and aggressive nature to strike any thing "pink." The season length is quite long for Pinks making them a great mix to catch with other species. All methods and techniques can be very effective to target Pinks which gives our guests many options depending their ability and preferences.

Huge rainbow trout on leech pattern

Rainbow Trout

Prime time: All Season

Where: Prince George and Omineca Region

Rainbow Trout offer a thrill, similar to Steelhead fishing, and why wouldn't they right? They are the same genetic species. What separates them? Rainbow Trout spend their life in freshwater where as steelhead migrate to the ocean and eventually return to the rivers to spawn. Wild Rainbow fishing is excellent all year in the Skeena and Omineca regions. Our guides will take you to secret remote waters offering a once in a life time experience!

Monster Lake Trout Northern BC

Lake Trout

Prime time: May to June

Where: Prince George and Omineca Region

Lake trout, also commonly known as Char, are an impressive apex predator that can reach over over 40lbs! I think of them as the T-Rex of freshwater, in BC. The secret remote lakes we guide north of Prince George, BC, offer sizes in the 12-20lb range. We find great success using very light gear with variety of methods including fly fishing, casting, jigging, still drifting, and trolling. This allows for an exciting and dynamic day on the waters!

bull trout catch and release

Bull Trout & Doll Varden

Prime time: Spring and Fall

Where: Skeena and Omineca Regions

Bull Trout and Dolly Varden are widespread throughout the lakes and streams of BC's Omineca and Skeena region commonly averaging 5-10 lbs, with some fish exceeding 15lbs in size. As they are an aggressive predator to other fish, targeting these species with minnow and egg patters on the fly, or float fishing, can be a very fun way to enjoy this beautiful species (especially during the spring fry migration).

kids catching kokanee


Prime time: All Season

Where: Prince George and Omineca Region

Kokanee, land locked sockeye salmon, offers amazing fishing and table fair. A great fight on the fly with light gear and  perfect introductory species for children. Kokanee are in abundance in the stocked lakes around Prince George, offering sustainability and a unique substance fishery. The stocked lakes around Prince George offer decent sized Kokanee in the 12-18 inch range regularly. 

Lake whitefish

Lake Whitefish

Prime time: All Season

Where: Prince George and Omineca Region

LakeWhitefish is very popular freshwater fish in Canada, and highly prized by anglers. Popularity is catching on in BC as fisherman are discovering not only are some lakes full of them, but they are high quality table fair. Lake whitefish generally feed on bottom dwelling animals; such as, snails and aquatic insects, like mayflies and midges. These fish are found near shore in Spring and early Summer and move deeper as the water warms.

Burbot freshwater lingcod


Prime time: All Season

Where: Prince George and Omineca Region

Burbot, also commonly referred to as Ling or Eelpout, are one of the most beautiful and unique freshwater species and arguably the best tasting freshwater fish in Canadian waters. Burbot average 6-12lbs in size, with some fish exceeding 20lbs! They are a bottom dwelling fish that feeds during the night, but can also be caught in the day. Burbot are best targeted using baited jigs or set-lining.

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