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Meet Your Team

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Jerry Daoust

Owner & Head Guide

Jerry founded Reel North Adventures with the purpose of utilizing the guiding platform to share his knowledge and learnings with others to help aspiring anglers grow and improve and also experience trips they will remember forever. Jerry is a people pleaser to no end and will go above and beyond to ensure your experience is nothing short of amazing. Challenging the status quo as an angler and a person is very important to Jerry, always innovating new or traditional angling techniques and exploring new waters. 

Regan Daoust

Angling Guide

Regan is our ambassador and head planner of our ever popular women's retreats and huge advocate of women's fishing. Regan is extremely personable and great with introducing the young ones into fishing and the outdoors. She enjoys meeting new people and hearing about their life experiences as well as sharing her own.  


Matt Franks

Angling Guide

Matt Franks, not a bad thing can be said about this guy. Father, Husband, humble, patient, knowledgeable, and fun are just a few words that come to mind that describe Matt as a person. Aside from over 25 years of angling experience and excellent fishing skills its Matts ability to teach and understand people as well as he does fish that make him a true shining star. Plus he has a pretty great beard which always inspires confidence.

Jocelyn Franks

Angling Guide

The other half of the Franks legacy and arguably the better half (don't tell Matt). When Joce is not enjoying a well deserved beverage after a hard day on the water or being the super mom she is, she's out helping coach others find success behind the rod. Joce's fun energy is absolutely wonderful to be around and that is one of the traits that make her so unique and such a great guide.


Dave Daoust

Angling Guide

Dave Daoust is the legend in the Skeena region nobody knows about, a rarer sighting than Bigfoot, always exploring and finding new secret spots! Every team needs a Dave, over 50 years of experience and wisdom. Dave's old school style and tricks blends perfectly with our desire to innovate and rounds the team out perfectly. Dave is as good behind the saw as he is a rod. If you ever wonder who clears the big blowdown on the secret trail to your honey hole...thats probably Dave.

Kim Morrison

Owner Nass Valley Bed & Breakfast

Kim is more than just an amazing business women, lodge owner, chef, she is also like a mom to our team and we value her greatly. She is one of the most loving people you will ever meet, fun, corky and a real firecracker if you get her going. Her kitchen is like a sympmhpany in motion with a relaxing atmosphere as she entertains her guests to no end. We are pleased to have Kim as a friend and partner on our salmon and steelhead trips out west.


Ruby Daoust

Angling Dog & Fish Finder

And last but not least our lovely Ruby girl. Ive never met a dog that love to go fishing as much as Ruby. When she's not keeping us safe Ruby is patiently and quietly scouting the water for sign of rising fish, scavenging the nearby woods for a good stick or taking a nap under a shaded tree. Ruby normally doesn't accompany us on guided trips but she's there when we get home and gets plenty of time on the water I assure you.

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