About Reel North Adventures

So ya wanna catch a fish, eh?

It's more than helping our guests be better anglers, it's about making there dreams come true


We have spent 25 years developing relationships with the waters we guide, learning their patterns, fish behaviours, and run timing. We are well versed in all forms of fishing and know when and where to fish at all times. If a river is blown out, we know where a clean one is. If there is a seasonal closure, we'll find water thats open. If the weather gets bad, we have the supplies and gear to make you comfortable and safe. If the numbers are low or the fish are finicky, we dig deep into our experience and get you into the fish. We always have plan!

Your dream come true is our mission.

Jerry Daoust

Owner & Head Guide

Challenging the status quo is something I believe in, always innovating new or traditional angling techniques and practices.

"I'm just going to see what's around the corner!"

"I'll try that!" 

"I wonder if this will work?" 

This is my attitude towards angling, and this curiosity is what has enabled me to become an extremely diversified angler and discover new fruitful waters. I have experienced many amazing things few will ever get a chance to. Guiding gives me the opportunity to share those things with others.

We will lead you to the fish and work with you to hook up. We are the coach on the sidelines and our guests are the star players!"

We are a husband and wife duo with a true passion for fishing, adventure, and the outdoors. For us, it's not about catching fish ourselves any more, its about enabling and teaching others how to catch fish. We are rewarded with the knowledge we gain from being on the fishery day in and day out, something very few get the chance to experience and for that we are grateful.


If you want to learn or develop your angling abilities, see breathtaking 

mountain landscapes, explore new remote parts of BC, experience wildlife and indigenous culture, and catch lots and lots of big fish then we may be the guide service for you." 

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